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Are you looking for Tyre Sidewall Markings for your vehicle?


Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and letters on the sidewall of your tyre mean? There is a lot more information on a tyre sidewall than you realise.

First, it helps to identify the tyre’s size and its specifications.  Second, it shows that the tyre has ratings according to the European standards. If you see the letter ‘E’, you can be assured that the tyre meets the necessary European legislation. The sidewall also shows you the week and year that your tyre was manufactured.

According to guidelines, though it is not illegal to purchase tyres with a lower/higher load capacity or speed rating, it is not recommended for the safety of the driver and its passengers. If you are unsure, then refer to your vehicles owner’s manual or speak to us at Tyreman; we will be happy to assist you.

Decoding the markings –

Let’s break down a typical tyre marking. Let’s assume, a tyre in Tyreman display window carry these numbers – 245 35 r19 91V.

  • Tyre width – The very first value, 245, represents the width of your car’s tyres. It is in millimetres, the distance of sidewall to sidewall.
  • Aspect ratio – Right next to it, the number 35, represents the aspect ratio of the tyre. This value is actually a percentage of the tyres cross-section to its width. Like, in this case, the tyres height is 35% of its width.
  • Wheel diameter – ‘R’ represents Radial tyre, and 19 is the height of the wheel in inches.
  • Load index – ‘91’ is the load index of the tyre. In this case, this particular tyre will be able to carry 645Kg.
  • Speed rating – The last word, ‘V’, represents the speed rating. It shows how fast your car can go with that particular tyre. In this case, ‘V’ rating gives it a top speed of 240Km/h.

Higher Load Indexes and Different Speed Ratings –

It is possible to fit a tyre with a higher load index and a different speed rating than to values mentioned in your vehicle handbook. Although, that might cause more fuel consumption and may cause tyre failure.

Tread Wear Indicators (TWI)

Most modern tyres come with an easy to read tread wear indicator. These are the small blocks inside the tyre’s tread. Whenever you see that the tyre treads are coming near these blocks, it indicates that your car’s tyres are running out of legal minimum tread depth.

If you are not sure yet or don’t have your mind on one particular company, contact us. We, Tyreman will always be there to assist you. Our experts will help you pick the best product depending on what you need, and you will get attractive prices on our entire stock. Call us now, or visit our website to know more.