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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Balancing wheels is a necessary part of a vehicle’s maintenance procedure. It allows for the even distribution of weight across the tyre’s body and ensures you have a smooth, quiet and safe ride. With Tyreman, you can avail wheel balancing services which incorporate the latest technology in the field to attain the perfect balance across all tyres.

Unbalanced wheels are a common issue plaguing many cars in the UK. When tyres are rolled out from their respective factories, they have a perfect weight distribution. With time and the resultant wear, this perfect distribution gets warped, leaving a trail of alternating heavy and light spots. Our wheel balancing service attempts to address this issue.

Why is wheel balancing necessary?

Unbalanced wheels put you in a decidedly disadvantageous position. There are numerous direct and indirect effects of unbalanced wheels.

  • It leads to rapid and uneven tread wear. When tyres are not balanced, you may notice tread wear in patches.
  • An unbalanced tyre may develop bulges on its body. These bulges are nothing but the spots where excessive material has concentrated.
  • Your driving comfort will take a massive hit. There will be constant vibrations which will increase with the speed of your vehicle.
  • There will be a sharp decline in your fuel efficiency.

You may avoid all these with a quick wheel balancing Merthyr Tydfil at our professional auto garage.

When is wheel balancing necessary?

There is no consensus among automotive experts about the exact interval at which wheel balancing should be done. If there are no visible symptoms, the general practice is to do it when you rotate your tyres.

However, if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, bring your car to our garage for wheel balancing Merthyr Tydfil immediately.

Wheel balancing at Tyreman

Unlike many comparable establishments, we perform both static and dynamic wheel balancing. Although dynamic balancing has emerged as the more effective method, some specific cases still require static balancing, which we do with alacrity. The balancer machines that we use at our workshop are developed by industry leaders for precision and efficacy.

Our wheel balancing services are available at an affordable price point. We also offer special prices if you perform balancing on all four tyres. The process is carried out by our experienced technicians who can guarantee the best possible services.

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