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Uniroyal Tyres

Formerlylisted as the United States Rubber Company, Uniroyal began its operation way back in 1892. Over the next several decades, they made a name for themselves as the producer of some of the finest tyres in the market. The American tyre maker has changed many hands before being finally acquired by the French giants, Michelin in 1990. Since then, Uniroyal produces tyres under the Michelin umbrella.

Tyreman has a massive inventory of Uniroyal car tyres in Merthyr Tydfil across all variants. Our technicians recommend Uniroyal tyres to our patrons because of its rich pedigree in producing tyres that have now become synonymous with quality.

Uniroyal tyres at Tyreman

At our workshop, we sell Uniroyal tyres fit for every type of vehicle and road and weather conditions. From summer tyres, which are used as OE in most models, to winter and all-season variants, our inventory showcases the best products across all requirements of Uniroyal tyres in Merthyr Tydfil. We also sell Uniroyal tyres for SUVs and LCVs.

Some of the best Uniroyal tyres in each category have been mentioned below.

Summer tyres

These tyres should be used when the temperature is above 5°C. They can handle both wet and dry conditions and are usually made from hard rubber compounds. The Tiger Paw Touring is a popular tyre in this category.

Winter tyres

The harsh British winters require a different type of tyre for optimal performance on ice and snow. Uniroyal’s winter tyres offer excellent grip on wintry road conditions and have exceptional aquaplaning resistance as well. The best example of such tyres is the Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3, which has a proven track record of delivering excellent performance even on heavy snow.

All-season tyres

Tiger Paw GTZ AS, Tiger Paw AWP II, and Tiger Paw Touring (H/V speed rating) are all excellent all-season tyres from Uniroyal. These tyres deliver above-par performance and can be used throughout the year.

Buy Uniroyal tyres from us

These are just a fraction of Uniroyal tyres in our inventory. Drop by at our store on any working day to get a hands-on feel of the entire range. You may alternatively choose to buy Uniroyal tyres online from our website. We also have a section for used car tyres. So, if budget is an issue, you may avail those at the lowest possible prices.

Being an integrated tyre retailer and service provider, we also perform several tyre related services such as wheel alignment, tyre balancing and puncture repair at the most affordable prices.

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