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One of the most important things that we always suggest our customers change at least once every year is the tyre valve. This tiny piece of plastic or metal regulator that sticks out of your car’s wheel plays a vital role in maintaining the air pressure. Unfortunately, they are prone to damage, and that’s why we include a completely free swap of tyre valve Replacement in Merthyr Tydfil whenever you come to Tyreman for a tyre change.

What is a valve?

A valve is a regulator device that allows us to fill the air inside the tyre and prevents it from escaping. We can adjust tyre pressure as well as deflate whenever required with the help of the valve.

Driving over uneven roads or going over a speed breaker too fast creates immense pressure inside the tube’s body. A good quality valve should be able to withstand that added pressure and contain the air inside. It should also stay clean and prevent fouling from dust or mud which can easily clog the intake and cause it to malfunction.

Why Tyreman?

To ensure the quality of components, all our products are rated according to the BS-811 grade. These products are rated to withstand -40°C temperature for at least 144 hours. So, you won't have to worry about frigid cold damaging it either.

We also use the best quality sealant available in the market to cap around the tyre and valve body. Cheap products can turn solid and crack, leaking air from the unit. The sealant that we use stays pliable and soft even in harsh cold or scorching heat and effectively prevents the air from running out.

You should change your valves whenever you notice decreasing tyre pressure without any apparent leak or puncture. You will also get a free tyre valve replacement Merthyr Tydfil when you bring your car to our garage for a tyre swap.

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We believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else, and that’s why we have set up the best team offering the finest car-related services at Tyreman in Merthyr Tydfil. They will ensure you get a trouble-free service life from your car’s tyres and valves for years.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your car to our garage for the best products at the lowest prices in the town. We are always here to help you.