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Nankang Tyres

Nankang is one of the relatively new players in the tyre manufacturing industry. This Taiwanese company has been in the market for 59 years but has been miles ahead when it comes to making high-quality, affordable car tyres.

At Tyreman in Merthyr Tydfil, you will find a collection of Nankang tyres suitable for all types of vehicles. The best thing about these products is the quality they offer with their extremely competitive price tags. Nanking car tyres are significantly cheaper than their competition, but they do not skip on advanced features.

Nankang car tyres in Merthyr Tydfil

We are one of the largest retailers of Nankang’s product in our neighbourhood. At our garage, you will find summer, winter, and all-season tyres as well as run-flat variants. Every product in our inventory comes with their appropriate tyre label attached to help you decide exactly what matches your requirements. Let’s take a look at our collection.

Summer tyres – We have the perfect products for tackling warm and humid British summers. At Tyreman, you will find something for your family sedan, as well as performance vehicle.

  • Eco-2+ Eco-2+ is one of the most popular Nankang summer tyres. It’s perfect for your daily commute. The sleeker profile offers excellent fuel efficiency.
  • AS-1 – If you want something more performance-oriented, pick up a set of AS-1 from our inventory. The asymmetric pattern of this tyre offers superb stability while the large ribs help dissipate heat effectively.

Winter tyres – British winters are unpredictable. But if you are using these winter tyres, you can reduce the chances of an on-road mishap.

  • SV-2 – With its wedge-shaped cross tread and large sidewalls, SV-2 can plough through ice and snow and still give you a decent mileage on your daily use.
  • SV-3 – The latest offering from Nankang’s winter tyre range, SV-3 incorporates some of the latest technologies in tyre manufacturing with a unique crown-to-sidewall sipe pattern.

All-season tyres – All-season tyres can save you from the hassle of changing the existing set every year. We have –

  • AW-8 – An all-season tyre best suited for commercial vehicles. It has a higher load rating and offers good mileage.
  • N607+ If you want a set for your car, go for the N-607+. This offers a balanced tread design that incorporates aquaplaning resistance qualities as well as lower rolling resistance.

Run-flat tyres – If you are looking for a set of run-flat tyres for your vehicle, go for the AS-2+. It integrates Nankang’s Zero Pressure Mobility System.

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