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Avon Tyres

Avon is a local British tyre manufacturer. Although it does not belong to the same league as Michelin, Continental, Goodyear and the likes, Avon has a rich history of manufacturing some of the best quality tyres in the market.

The quality of its tyres can be gauged by the fact that several premium car manufacturers including the legendary Rolls Royce have used their tyres as the OE for many of their models. Other marquee carmakers that have chosen Avon for their cars include Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Morgan.

It all points to one direction- you cannot go wrong if you choose Avon car tyres in Merthyr Tydfil. Although Avon tyres are not as readily available as some of the other tyre brands, you can find them on the shelves of Tyreman.

We committo offerour customers with the broadest range of choices when it comes to tyres.

Bestselling Avon tyres online

It’s difficult to pick a few tyres when we are talking about Avon. All their products are of the highest order. However, the ones mentioned below are some of the most sold tyres at our garage.

  • Turbospeed CR228-D

Originally designed to be used as the OE of Bentley models, the Turbospeed CR228-D is an Ultra High Performance (UHP) summer tyre. It offers the driver with ample traction for precision handling and excellent steering response.

It has a directional tread pattern with 7 ribs which makes for exceptional steering and cornering. The twin steel belts with rayon cord casing give the tyres a high degree of rigidity for handling summer road conditions with ease.

  • CR227

Another member of Avon’s OE family, the CR227 is used on Rolls Royce and Bentley luxury sedans. It is a Grand Touring tyre meant for the summer season. With a symmetric7-ribbed tread pattern, it offers a quiet and comfortable ride.

  • Turbosteel 70

Another Grand Touring tyre from Avon, the Turbosteel 70 is built for durability. It is a summer tyre with a zigzag tread pattern and circumferential grooves that offers exceptional performance on dry and wet roads both. Ride comfort is enhanced due to the presence of twin steel belts with rayon cord casing.

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Tyreman is the leading retailer of Avon tyres in Merthyr Tydfil. Apart from the three models mentioned above, we stock every other Avon tyre as well. You can buy these tyres from our workshop and get them fitted right here.

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