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When you come to Tyreman looking for a new set of car tyres, you will notice that all our products sport a label of EU tyre label in Merthyr Tydfil. That is to help you determine which set of the tyre will be best suited for your vehicle. This label rates a car tyre according to its fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise levels. Let’s discuss the three parameters so that you know which product will be best suited for your car.

  • Fuel efficiency – When you drive your car, the friction between its tyres and road causes energy loss. This phenomenon, described as rolling resistance, plays a crucial role in determining your car’s mileage. A good set of tyres can increase your car’s fuel economy by as much as 20%, which results in significantly lesser CO2

The tyre label rates the rolling resistance from grades A to G, where A provides the best mileage and G the worst.

  • Wet Grip – This rating gives you an insight into a tyre’s grip and stopping distance on wet roads. Just like fuel efficiency, it is also rated from A to G. A-rated tyres offer the shortest braking distance and ‘G’ offers the longest.

With each rating, your car’s stopping distance will decrease by approximately 3m, which is the average length of a four-door car. To ensure your safety during monsoon, you should always choose a set of tyres that have a good wet grip rating.

  • Noise ratings – In the tyre label, you will find the exterior noise emission expressed in decibels. Also, it is expressed with one, two, or three sound waves. Ideally, you should choose something with the least noise emission.

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