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Change is inevitable. It is the only constant in this constantly variable universe. Man’s needs have also been changing as frequently as the weather. From the invention of the first wheel to the dynamic utility tool that is cars, a lot has changed.

Your car is equipped with everything that you might need while heading out, even good music! Unfailing brakes for your safety, steady tyres for your comfort, there’s nothing your ar does not have.

However, with time and regular usage, these equipment need to be changed too! And the only place to get a quality upgrade on your car is Tyres Merthyr. Here are some of the reasons why you must visit our facility.

Puncture Repair

A puncture is a considerable trouble that can neither be predicted nor be prepared against. A tiny nail or sharp piece of glass or gravel can pierce through the rubber membrane. As a result, the inside air leaks out and the tyre gets deflated. A flat tyre reduces control on the road and makes the drive rougher. Because there is no cushion of air between the road and the wheel, the impact can distort wheel structure which is a worse predicament to endure.

Sometimes the penetration of the outside object causes the tyre to violently explode. This is called a blowout. It is potentially fatal as it gives very less time to react and damages the tyre to the point of being useless. Any braking or steering wouldn’t make a difference as there’s not much of a tyre left to do either. The only solution to a blowout is a tyre replacement.

For any other slow leakage in the tyre, bring it home to Tyreman Merthyr. We promise to make your tyre as good as you remember, with our expertise in puncture repair services.

Wheel Alignment

The wheels of your car are always set at particular angles. When viewed from the front, any inclination of the tread centre line, or ‘camber’, can cause one side of the tread to wear out faster than the rest. Similarly, the top view would reveal the story as to what angles the front wheels are turned inwards or outwards. This is called a ‘toe’. If the toe angles are not aligned, the tyre would experience friction from the road at an angle instead of rolling on smoothly. A ‘caster’ is the angle of the steering axis and impacts stability and steering control.

Tyreman Merthyr provides the sharpest wheel alignment techniques and ensures that you are saved from the magnified aftermath of tiny angular discrepancies in your wheel.

Wheel Balancing

A sudden bump or excessive high-speed driving may cause a shift in the alloy or metal material, thereby causing a transfer of weight. This is hazardous as it causes unnecessary vibrations and consequent wear and exhaustion of parts. Wheel balancing is an easy and quick process to get the best out of your car. With Tyreman Merthyr you get rid of the hassle of archaic, trial-and-error detection techniques. The sophisticated wheel balancing machine charts out the amount and placement of weight to be added or removed.

Part Worn Tyres

These are the tyres previously owned and bearing some lap-time on the road. These tyres are made available for sale only after rigorous tests and trials. Every change in the tyre needs to be explicitly indicated while also making sure that the original tread is distinctly visible. The structural integrity of the tyres stays intact with all the markings in place.

At Tyreman Merthyr, we have the most exhilarating sets of wheels and part worn tyres Blackwood has ever seen. Not only that but we also incline on educating our customers so they understand what they are paying for.


Tyres for every car, for every season from every brand, is available right here at Tyreman Merthyr. Summer tyres for shorter braking at high speeds and wider sipes, winter tyres for extra groove and increased traction, we have it all. Contributions from Dunlop, Michelin, Continental, Nankang, Yokohoma etc. have been put on display for you. From SUVs to Station Wagons and vans, we have all the tyres Blackwood drivers need.

Not able to to choose where to begin? Bring your car in, at Tyreman Merthyr. We are open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM weekdays and 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. And if you want to save the hassle of driving down to our facility, follow these simple steps:

  • Scroll up to the Tyre Finder Tool
  • Enter your search criteria and click on search
  • Choose your tyre
  • Enter the delivery address and payment method
  • Proceed to checkout

You can also write to us at info@tyremanmerthyr.co.uk for any feedback, suggestion or queries.