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Are you looking for Tyres Aberdare for your vehicle?

Various components are responsible for the smooth functioning of your car. The combined effect of these components is the safety, control, ease and comfort your car provides- the driving experience. It is noteworthy that the upkeep of these components is not combined. They have to be taken care of separately.

Tyreman Merthyr takes charge of rectifying anything wrong in your car. From wheels and tyres to other products and services, we serve everything. Below is a quick look at what ease we bring into our customer’s life.


Ever wondered how a small compact structure can fulfil all the needs in a situation? Look at your phones for example. It’s a thin flat surface that accesses the world’s information and brings it to you. A lot of thought goes into the design and efficiency of these items. Though less flashy and more robust, another day-to-day item that multi-tasks between various responsibilities is your tyre.

From maintaining its form at high speeds, bearing the stresses of sudden braking to preventing aquaplaning, tyres take it on without as much a squeal. Tyreman Merthyr has a complete collection of tyres Aberdare can benefit from, at amazing prices. Tyres from Michelin, Continental, Yokohoma, Dunlop, Nankang and many more. From summer tyres to winter, all-season and 4X4 tyres, we’ve got your back for every weather and terrain.

Part Worn Tyres

These tyres are subjected to a lot of criticism because of the uncertainty of their quality and durability. Part-worn tyres are previously owned tyres and that’s why buyers are not sure if they’d get the value for their money.

At Tyreman Merthyr, we do not compromise with quality and abide by the regulations laid out for resale of tyres. The specifications and actions performed on them, like retreading or repair, are transparently marked out. You always know what you’re buying and always know it’s an amazing value for your money. These are the part worn tyres Aberdare can lean (or corner) on!

Wheel Balancing

When a wheel is imbalanced, it jeopardizes your driving experience. Not only do you start feeling vibrations but the control on the road is also reduced. This is irksome and dangerous at the same time.

We have a step-by-step module to balance your wheels, where we use an advanced wheel balancing machine. Your car would never feel the same way it did when you drove in.

Puncture Repair

Apart from hampering your control on the road, a puncture is also a direct threat to the wheel structure and tyre material. Blowouts at high speeds may even lead to loss of life and property. In any case, a decent puncture repair is troublesome to find.

But not anymore! Tyreman Merthyr offers you the most reliable puncture repair in Aberdare. Unless another careless nail comes in your way, rest assured you’d never have to worry about a flat tyre again.

Wheel Alignment

An easy way to spot misalignment in your wheels is to run your car straight. If the wheels are tilted in some way, your car will start drifting to either side of the road. The braking distance doesn’t remain optimal and a loss of grip is experienced due to tyre wear.

To avoid all these problems, all you have to do is visit us. Tyreman Merthyr’s well-equipped facility and knowledgeable staff are sure to make things easy and quick. With your wheels at the right angles, you’d be glad to be back in the driver’s seat.

If you are looking for complete maintenance of your car, then this is the place for you. Bring your car in, anytime between 08:30 am and 05:30 pm. You can also visit us on Saturday, between 08:30 am and 1 pm. To add a cherry to the cake, you can also order your favourite tyres online. Follow these steps and explore a world of amazing tyres at fantastic prices.

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For further communication, you can write an email at info@tyremanmerthyr.co.uk.