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Are you looking for Tyres Brynmawr for your vehicle?

Get the most enthralling upgrades for your car at amazing prices, only at Tyreman Merthyr. We have an advanced facility that aims at fixing all the problems your car might face.

From an up-to-date wheel balancing machine to an all-rounder team that can manoeuvre any mechanism to work their magic on your car, we have it all. Don’t believe us? Here’s how vivid our services can be:

Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels are really hard to detect. However, the impact of a bad angular orientation is pretty clear and can grow up to be a lot of trouble. The tread pattern starts to diminish while the grip, control and smoothness on the road also decreases. This is a precarious situation because of the aftermath wheel failure can bring, and needs urgent wheel alignment services.

Fortunately, we are only one call away and would fix things up in no time.

Wheel Balancing

Equilibrium needs to be established while in motion. This can be seen while walking, where you shift your weight rhythmically on each foot. Any unevenness in the weight dispersion causes you to lose your footing. A similar phenomenon occurs when your wheels are imbalanced.

A wheel is imbalanced when the metal or alloy material concentrates at a point or gets chipped off at another. The accumulation, or the lack thereof, causes irregular weight distribution and uneven load-bearing capacity across the rim. This calls for ad-hoc wheel balancing services to prevent further damage. But rest assured, Tyreman Merthyr with its latest technology and experienced team can fix it like it was never there.


Considering the terrific speeds our vehicles can gain, it becomes essential that we reinforce the only thing that gets them going- their contact with the road. That responsibility is carried out by the tyres. Not only do they have to plod through high speeds, but also bear strains of sudden braking, terrain textures and weather. For varying conditions, there are various combinations of features incorporated in tyres.

Tyreman Merthyr can boast of the widest range of summer, winter and all-season tyres Brynmawr had been coveting for long. For your hatchbacks, SUVs and even vans, our tyres make the travel smooth and effortless. From Continental, and Michelin to Yokohoma and Nankang, we have products from the largest brands to ensure the perfect customer experience.

Part Worn Tyres

We already understand how important the tyres are in your day-to-day commute. They are the foundation your car stands on. But what if this foundation has already done its time and can’t continue any further? In that scenario, part-worn tyres can come handy.

When looking for a replacement of your tyres, if you can get the best brands in excellent condition, at a fraction of the market prices, it’s everything one can ask for! Tyreman Merthyr offers the best part worn tyres Brynmawr can drive on without any complaints.

Puncture Repair

Get a failsafe puncture repair at our depot. You can never be sure when you may encounter a stray metal piece, glass shard or anything that may penetrate your tyre’s surface. However, with us, you can always be sure that those old wounds will never reopen.

With these services and tyres for your car, you can enjoy a tension free life and an easy ride. Come right in, between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM on weekdays and 8:30 AM to 1 PM Saturdays. You can also find your tyre online by looking for our tyre finder tool and experience the magic.

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You can also write to us at info@tyremanmerthyr.co.uk for any feedback or query and it would be our pleasure to assist you.