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A majority of car owners focus on getting the best services and products for their vehicle, in order to derive maximum output for their paid price. In the race of ensuring this luxury and comfort, people often resort to buying tyres from premium manufacturers like Continental and Dunlop. Although fitting your car with a premium set of tyres is an essential step, you must also maintain your vehicle and service it routinely.

In case, you are looking for a reliable garage that helps you with all the things mentioned above, feel free to visit us, at Tyreman Merthyr. If by any chance, you are unaware of the different products and services offered by our garage, allow us to acquaint you with them.

Car Tyres

Being a car owner, you must understand the importance of tyres Tonypandy in your vehicle. This is because tyres are the driving force of your vehicle which helps you to drive comfortably and safely on the road. Moreover, if you are brand conscious when it comes to buying tyres for your car, feel free to browse through our collection of Nankang, Yokohama, Dunlop and Continental tyres.

Nevertheless, if you own more than one car and cannot afford to spend massive amounts on buying another premium set of tyres for it, you should learn about the part worn tyres offered by us.

Part Worn Tyres

As the name suggests, part worn tyres Tonypandy are preferred by people who own more than one car. Although budget tyres are also a good choice when it comes to buying additional tyres for your second car, part worn tyres come even cheaper than them. Moreover, if you decide to buy part-worn tyres from us, you can rest assured as our collection is thoroughly tested for performance and safety standards.

Now that you are aware of the tyres offered by our team, you should get familiar with the different services you will receive if you drive to us.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an expert repair service that is performed at our auto garage. It mainly deals with correcting the angles of your wheels with respect to the axle. We also offer a variety of alignment services for your hatchback and SUV. Our team goes through daily training, so your car never experiences any issues with its wheels. 

Other than wheel alignment, our mechanics are also trained to provide you with an effective wheel balancing service.

Wheel Balancing

A plethora of people often confuse wheel alignment with wheel balancing. However, both of them differ a lot. While the alignment service takes care of the angles in your wheels, a balancing service works to balance out the weight in your wheels. This process is performed by determining any insufficient or extra weight in your car’s wheels and then adding and reducing weight to them. This ensures your optimum safety and assures a smooth ride as well.

Puncture Repair

A huge number of cars tackles a puncture once in their lifetime. Dust, dirt, gravel, debris, railroad tracks and a lot of other factors contribute toward causing a hole or damage in your tyre’s tube. However, if you drive your car to us, you can sit back and relax while our experts work on providing you with an excellent puncture repair service.

If you want to know more about the services and products offered by us, all you need to do is visit us, at Tyreman Merthyr, and we will get your car ready in a few minutes.